Custom Orthotics (Arch Supports) and AFO's

Here at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center we offer custom made foot orthotics and ankle-foot orthoses, fabricated at one of the world's finest orthotic labs -


Foot Orthotics are one of the best ways to treat many foot and ankle problems. Like we tell our patients - "there's just nothing better that you could have in your shoes".

For children with Medicaid, who are 18 or under with flat feet, orthotics are completely covered at no cost to you. Orthotics are a must following many surgeries in order to correct the very problem that may have caused the need for surgery in the first place and to help prevent the problem from coming back. Many times surgery can be avoided altogether with the right custom orthotic device.

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Superior Products

ProLab Orthotics is a premier laboratory producing the finest quality custom and prefabricated orthoses. Their products are designed and manufactured using evidence-based research to give our patients the best outcomes.

  • Custom Foot Orthoses
  • Custom AFOs
  • Functionally-corrected Prefabricated Orthoses

Custom Foot Orthoses

Our foot orthoses are fully corrected custom devices made to the doctor's exact specifications to meet the specific needs of each patient.


* Pathology Specific Orthoses

Custom Pathology Specific Orthoses are designed using evidence-based research to provide the best clinical outcomes depending on the particular diagnosis of the patient.



* Custom Specialty Orthoses

Our custom Specialty Orthoses are designed to meet a variety of special functional and accommodative needs.

These Specialty Orthoses can be designed to fit in various shoe gear such as dress shoes or athletic shoes made for specific sports such as cletes or long distance running.

Whatever your favorite activity, we can likely design a custom orthotic that is specially balanced and corrected to help control the abnormal motion in your foot and help relieve your pain....quickly!

Custom AFOs

The ProLab Functional AFO is a custom, articulated ankle-foot orthosis that combines a custom-balanced foot orthosis with semirigid uprights.


* Custom Functional AFO

This polypropylene device simultaneously controls the ankle joint, subtalar joint, and midtarsal joint, and provides symptom control for:

* Posterior Tibialis Dysfunction

* Severe Pes Planus (Flat Feet)

* Lateral Ankle Instability

* Arthritis of the ankle, subtalar, or metatarsal joint

* Drop Foot

The Functional AFO provides three hinge options to meet your ankle motion needs:

  • Functional Flex Hinge
  • Fixed Hinge
  • Dorsiflexion Assist Hinge

PreFabricated Orthoses

Often left untreated, flat feet in children can lead to serious foot conditions later in life. Flat feet are difficult to distinguish in young children until the arch develops between ages six and nine. Some eventually outgrow the condition. Those who don't frequently complain of calf pain, cramping or fatigue, and parents notice collapsed arches and ankles that turn inward. Left untreated, childhood flatfoot can lead to arthritis and other foot problems as adults. Orthotics are a very successful treatment for flat feet in children and are often completely covered by Medicaid and may be covered by other insurances as well.


* P3 Functional Kiddythotics

What is a functional Kiddythotic? It is the only functionally-corrected prefabricated orthoses developed to treat flatfoot in children.

ProLab uses evidence-based research to design Kiddythotics with functional corrections that were previously available only in custom devices.


* P3 Functional Adult Orthotics

Designed by podiatrists using evidence-based research, P3 prefabs are functionally corrected and incorporate control features previously found only in sophisticated custom orthoses.

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